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Epson PX830FWD review: Epson PX830FWD

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The Good Good range of features; Speedy colour and photo printing; Easy to set up and use.

The Bad Text doesn't look as crisp as it should; High running costs.

The Bottom Line You get lots of features for your money with the Epson PX830FWD and it's very fast at producing photos and colour graphics. On the downside, text isn't as sharp as it should be and running costs are quite high.

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7.5 Overall

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Epson's six-colour PX830FWD is designed to produce top quality hard copies of your snaps, while also putting business features like copying and faxing at your fingertips.

It can be bought online for around £190, which is relatively affordable, especially as it includes Wi-Fi and supports two-sided printing.

Design and features

As all-in-one machines go, the PX830FWD is a fairly attractive-looking printer. Epson has used a glossy black finish on the front and top, while the side panels have a matte coating. Although the chassis is made entirely from plastic, it does feel reasonably well built. One aspect of the design that I particularly like is that you can fold the control panel down and flip up a lid at the bottom to cover the paper trays so that machine takes up less space when not in use.

Epson PX830FWD colour print
I like the design of this well-built printer, particularly the space-saving flip-up lid at the bottom that covers the paper trays.

The control panel is quite large and only has one physical button for turning the printer on and off. All the other features are handled by a combination of the large colour touchscreen and touch buttons that are positioned to the right and left of the display. The user interface could be presented better as some of the menus are not that easy to understand. But on the whole, this model is relatively simple to operate.

The PX830FWD has a multi-format memory card reader supporting not just SD and Memory Stick cards, but CF cards too. There's also a PictBridge-compatible USB port, so you can print pictures directly from compatible cameras.

The automatic document feeder that sits on top of the scanner allows you to fax or scan multi-page documents, without having to go through the hassle of placing each sheet on the scanner's surface. The paper tray at the bottom has two compartments -- one for A4 sheets and a secondary one for photo paper. This is handy as it means you don't have to constantly load and unload the paper when you want to switch to photo printing.

The capacity of the trays isn't massive -- the A4 compartment can only take 140 sheets at a time, while the photo paper compartment holds a maximum of 20 sheets. Printed output is fed onto a telescopic tray, which feels a tad flimsy -- a common problem on many of these multi-function models.


Along with USB, this model has an Ethernet port on the rear and built-in Wi-Fi, so you can either hook it up directly to your PC or share it with multiple devices on your network. The latter is preferable -- using Epson's free apps, you can print wirelessly from iOS or Android phones and tablets. What's more, when the printer is hooked into your network, you can use Epson's email printing service to email jobs to the printer from anywhere with an Internet connection.

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