Epson PictureMate 210 review: Epson PictureMate 210

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The Good Compact. Easy set up. Well-priced ink and paper. Handle and optional battery for portability. Direct print capability. Varied print sizes. User-friendly manual.

The Bad USB connection cable not included. Cannot print directly from USB portable drives.

The Bottom Line Epson's latest PictureMate 210 photo printer does the job admirably, churning out reasonably-priced, high quality prints without fuss.

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The first things that strike you about the Epson PictureMate 210 is how compact it is, and how little like a printer it looks. Out of the box with handle up and lid down, it looks like a tiny white esky. Gone is the silver and black corporate-like casing of previous models. Open the lid to see a simple control panel surrounding a 2-inch colour LED screen.

The main functions are easily spotted on the buttons, anchored by a large green print button in the lower right hand corner. All controls are pretty simply laid out - photo reviewing, selecting and printing, not to mention basic image manipulation, print format options and even lesser used function like printer head cleaning, were all easily accessible.

SD and flash memory slots on the front of the printer will accommodate most digital cameras, though images can also be printed directly from Pictbridge-enabled digital cameras and Bluetooth-enabled cameras or phones. You will need a separate Bluetooth adaptor for this (AU$69).

With only the aid of a simple set up guide, the PictureMate 210 scored many brownie points by printing its first, crisp photograph from a memory card within five minutes of being taken out of its box.

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