This projector could be bright enough for daytime viewing

Epson's $1,500 Home Cinema 1450 has a lumens specification of 4200, brighter than just about anything else for the price.

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David Katzmaier

If you thought you needed a dark room to enjoy the huge image of a projector, Epson wants you to think again.

The Home Cinema 1450 ($1,500) is an absolute light cannon according to the spec sheet. It boasts a light output of 4,200 lumens -- the standard projector unit of measurement -- which literally outshines anything at this price level.

I recently tested a bunch of home theater projectors under $800 and the brightest one, Epson's own Home Cinema 640, was 3,200 lumens. That's really bright, but in a bright room the image still washed out and I found myself itching to dim the lights.

With the brighter (and more expensive) 1450, the claim is that it's bright enough to keep the lights on while you fill that huge projection screen with TV shows, movies, games or whatever. The only home theater projector in its range to match its brightness is its predecessor, the Home Cinema 1440 ($1,200), although a few models around this price get to 4,000 lumens. Compared to the older 1440, Epson says the 1450 has a a longer lamp life and higher contrast ratio.

Here's the 1450's major specifications.

  • 1,920x1,200 native resolution (1080p native capable)
  • 4,200 lumens
  • 3 LCD light engine
  • 15,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Lamp life: 5000 hours in Normal mode
  • 2 HDMI, one with MHL support
  • Watch content from two inputs, side by side
  • Built-in 16 W speaker

The Home Cinema 1450 will be available starting April 17.

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