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Epson EH-TW2900 review: Epson EH-TW2900

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The Good Pictures are clean, bright and motion-friendly; easy to set up; runs very quietly; bright enough to be watchable in ambient light.

The Bad Large chassis; HD could be a touch crisper; colour could be slightly richer; black levels not deep enough.

The Bottom Line While Epson's main focus this year seems to be on the higher end, higher-price section of the projection market, its mid-range TW2900 actually turns out to be a really quite exceptional bargain, delivering far more features and football-friendly quality than you've any right to expect for a mere £1,200

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8.3 Overall

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Epson's latest home-entertainment projector range stretches in price from £600 all the way up to the best part of four grand, making it one of the most diverse ranges currently on offer. It's great to have so much choice, but it raises a few concerns over the capabilities of the TW2900, which at £1,200 sits on the lower branches of the Epson quality tree. Just what is it holding back for the higher-end models?

Big-bottomed light-chucker
The TW2900 politely listens to your concerns -- and then laughs in your face. For a start, it gives you a heck of a lot of raw hardware for your money. In fact, its chunky, sprawling frame appears to be the same size as that of Epson's flagship TW5500 projector, hinting at far higher interior build quality than we'd usually expect to find for £1,200.

This bulk won't necessarily be easy to accommodate on a coffee table -- we'd say the TW2900 deserves to find a more permanent position in your room, maybe mounted on the ceiling.

Two HDMIs (top left) are the highlight of the TW2900's inputs

It's also well connected for its price, with two HDMIs, an RS-232 port enabling it to be incorporated into home AV control systems, and even a 12V trigger you could use to automatically fire up a motorised projection screen.

We often find very affordable projectors a real pain to setup, but not the TW2900, chiefly thanks to its provision of impressively flexible vertical and horizontal optical shifting, accessed via two simple wheels on the projector's top side.

Further contributing to the TW2900's setup flexibility is an impressive 2.1x optical zoom, enabling the projector to work with a wide range of different room sizes and designs.

Efforts to fine-tune the TW2900's pictures uncover a few more unexpected touches of flexibility. There's a degree of colour management, for instance, via which you can alter the brightness, saturation and hue of all six of the primary colour elements, as well as the gain and offset values of the RGB elements.

There are also skin-tone adjustments, high and low lamp output levels, gamma adjustments, a white booster, and an automatic iris that can be set to continually adjust itself depending on the darkness of the scene being shown. You can even adjust the speed at which this automatic iris does its work -- a customising touch many high-end products don't even offer.

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