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Epox BT-HS01 Bluetooth headset review: Epox BT-HS01 Bluetooth headset

Epox BT-HS01 Bluetooth headset

Kent German Former senior managing editor / features
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Kent German
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The Epox BT-HS01 definitely stands out from the crowd of Bluetooth headsets, mostly because it looks nothing like one. Undoubtedly small (1.75 by 1 by 0.5 inches) and featherweight (0.7 ounce), the stylish navy-blue-and-silver earpiece and microphone are packed into an oval shape. Though the headset is primarily targeted at business users, its unique look will appeal to less corporate types. At $69.95, the Epox doesn't come cheap, but its price is still competitive for a Bluetooth headset.
Sitting on the ear rather than in it, the headset is extremely comfortable--so light we could hardly tell we were wearing it. Moreover, the rubberized earloop is adjustable for larger ears and for wearing on either side of your head. The battery, housed in the end of the hook, measures only half an inch at its widest point.
The BT-HS01's only controls--a volume rocker with an oval button in its center--are amply tactile and sufficiently large for big fingers. That said, we needed a few tries to get the hang of the multifunction button's many uses. Turning on the headset, turning it off, and putting it in Pairing mode each require pressing the button for a different number of seconds. Though the button flashes a different color for each mode, the process took some time to master.
We tested the Epox BT-HS01 on the Nokia 6820, the Motorola V600, and the Sony Ericsson T616. Call quality was impressive, with loud volume and clear audio. Even at the farthest limits of the normal Bluetooth range (30 feet), we experienced no degradation. When testing with the Nokia 6820, we at times noticed a high-pitched whine during calls but only when we were alone in a quiet room.
Epox promises a total of 7 hours talk time and 7 days standby time. While we fell short of the standby time by 2 days, that is still a good rating. On the upside, Epox wisely includes a compact travel charger.