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Envision EN 9110 - 19 LCD Monitor review: Envision EN 9110 - 19 LCD Monitor

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The Good Includes both digital and analog inputs; reasonable price; decent image quality; Mac and PC compatible.

The Bad Limited adjustability.

The Bottom Line The EN-9110 is a solid, inexpensive 19-inch LCD that would be ideal for home or office--if only other displays didn't offer slightly more for a similar price.

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6.8 Overall

Built to be simple yet functional, the Envision EN-9110 delivers the basics you'd expect in a 19-inch LCD. The display's control buttons sit embedded in the side edge of the frame, so they don't clutter up the slim, 1-inch bezel, and you'll find a carrying handle recessed conveniently into the back panel. After you connect the display to your computer's digital or analog video card (Envision includes both cables), just snap the plastic cover back on to keep the cables out of the way.

The EN-9110's base is sturdy and wobble-free but affords limited adjustment options. You can tilt the display forward and backward a few degrees and mount it to a wall with a standard VESA kit (not available from Envision), but if you want an LCD for presentations, take note: You can't move the EN-9110 from side to side or up and down, nor will it pivot between Portrait and Landscape modes.

Most importantly, the EN-9110 delivers only acceptable image quality. Our tests did reveal two flaws common to LCDs: some pixel fusion made small fonts hard to read, and contrast evaporated at the extreme ends of the grayscale spectrum. Overall, however, images look good enough for basic productivity tasks. The three-year warranty on parts and labor is standard for LCD monitors.

If you find this display at a discount, by all means snatch it. But for almost the same price, the HP L1925 offers slightly better image quality and a multitude of adjustment options.

Brightness in nits  (Longer bars indicate better performance)
Sharp LL-T19D1
ViewSonic VP191b
HP L1925
Envision EN-9110
Note: Measured with the Sencore CP500
CNET Labs' DisplayMate tests  (Longer bars indicate better performance)
CNET Score  
ViewSonic VP191b
Sharp LL-T19D1
HP L1925
Envision EN-9110

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