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Enlight for iOS review: A true all-in-one photo editor

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MSRP: $3.99

The Good Enlight has tons of filters and effects, artistic tools and even meme creation options. The filters and tools are all high-quality, letting you make precision adjustments. There are tutorials for every feature.

The Bad There is no dedicated undo button. You can't take advantage of the manual camera controls made possible with iOS 8.

The Bottom Line Enlight lives up to its promise of being a one-stop shop for photo editing, with an intuitive interface and tutorials to help you get started.

Visit for details.

8.5 Overall
  • Setup 8
  • Features 8
  • Interface 9
  • Performance 9

Enlight ($3.99, £2.99, AU$4.99) is one of the best photo editors I've seen yet. Though it doesn't have the iOS 8 camera controls found in other apps like KitCamera or Camera+ , Enlight does everything else so well that it can replace most of the photo apps on your iPhone.

To make Enlight the best, I'd love to see manual iOS 8 camera controls implemented in a future release and a dedicated undo button would definitely be a welcome addition.

That said, the app succeeds thanks to its thoughtful implementation of many high-quality tools that previously required you to download several different apps to take advantage of. At its current half-off price of $3.99, it's more than worth its cost. And even when it eventually increases to its normal price of around $8, I'll still highly recommend it.

Getting around in Enlight

Enlight has an extensive feature set, but fortunately lays it out like a list so you can go through each feature easily. Whether you snap a new photo from within the app or choose one from your photo library, you can touch either the picture itself or a menu button in the upper right corner to bring out a slide-out menu from the right.

Here you'll find headings such as Canvas, Image, Filters, Tools and Brushes, and when you touch one, you'll get more options for each category. If you want an explanation for the tool, you can touch a button at the top for a brief tutorial of how to use it.

Across the bottom of the screen is your camera roll, which you can swipe horizontally to select a photo. But what's convenient here is you can swipe up to get a full-screen view of photos you've taken and there's a button for Albums just like in your iPhone photo library. A swipe back down brings back the original view.

Across the top of the screen there are buttons for app settings, a button to open up the iPhone camera, a share button and the aforementioned slide-out menu button.

Enlight's slide-out menu is where you access all of its features. Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

So many features

Enlight comes with all the usual features you want in a photo editor with cropping, filters, color correction with curves, the ability to add text and frames, and several other extras. But it also has features you won't find in other apps in the category.

For example, by touching the Canvas button, you get the option to crop or skew a photo. But another feature called Refit lets you freeze the subject of your photo in place (let's say, your child), then move other objects of the photo closer so that it all fits in the image. It's hard to explain, but it's a really neat feature I've never seen in another app.

Enlight has features for Tilt Shift photos, for that miniaturized look. You can turn your images into artistic paintings or sketches with several variations to choose from. You can type in text in multiple different fonts, add drop shadows and blend the text in with the background. The app even has a meme feature for creating those images with a message on the top and another on the bottom.

None of these features are new, but in the past each feature might be a separate app at 99 cents or $1.99 each, whereas Enlight has it all in one app.

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