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Energizer 2X Induction Charge Station for Wii review: Energizer 2X Induction Charge Station for Wii

Energizer 2X Induction Charge Station for Wii

Jeff Bakalar Editor at Large
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Jeff Bakalar
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Now that Wii MotionPlus is already on store shelves, many existing Wii remote chargers are quickly becoming obsolete. Sure, removing the tiny attachment so that your Wii remote can properly charge sounds simple enough, but if you're a big proponent of the rubber jackets, removing that and MotionPlus can become quite a chore.


Energizer 2X Induction Charge Station for Wii

The Good

Induction charging system; works with Wii MotionPlus; works with rubber jackets.

The Bad

No grips on included batteries; a bit expensive; only charges two remotes at a time.

The Bottom Line

The Energizer Induction Charging System isn't the cheapest charging solution we've seen for the Wii, but it's certainly among the most carefree and easy to use.

With the Energizer Induction Charging System, manufacturer PDP has come up with a way that allows you to charge controllers not only with MotionPlus attached, but also those sporting the rubber jacket as well.

The Energizer Induction Charger works with Wii MotionPlus and lets you charge remotes without removing their rubber jackets.

There's something refreshing about being able to simply place a Wii remote on a charger without having to worry about charging contacts touching. While we really liked the Pysclone TouchCharge Kit, the included batteries changed the overall shape of the Wii remote. With the Energizer Induction System, the included rechargeables keep the remote's shape intact, but they don't offer any sort of grip.

The charging station itself is covered in a shiny white plastic that matches the Wii console's exterior. The optional stand can be used to conserve real estate; the system can work vertically or horizontally. Between the two charging chambers is what looks like a Wii remote speaker, but we never heard any sound coming from it during our testing.

Charging your Wii remotes with the Induction System is a snap. Once you've installed the included NiMH batteries, you rest your remote on either groove and an orange LED light shines to let you know charging has begun. A green LED will appear once the remote is at full capacity.

A full charge should take around 4 hours with play time ranging from 6 to 8 hours. Since the system uses induction to charge, you can leave the rubber jacket on your Wii remote. Furthermore, Wii MotionPlus can remain attached as well, since there's no specific height the remotes need to placed at.

Ideally, we would have liked to have seen room for four controllers on the system, but we'd imagine that would have severely driven the price up. Coming in already at $50, the Induction System isn't the cheapest charging solution we've seen for the Wii, but it's certainly among the most carefree.

If $50 is more than you'd like to spend, we recommend checking out the Nyko Charging Station which goes for around $30. But be warned, the system won't work with MotionPlus attached, nor will it work with a rubber jacket.


Energizer 2X Induction Charge Station for Wii

Score Breakdown

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