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The Good Large buttons; Simple interface; Decent battery life.

The Bad Lacks many modern features; Feels cheap; Price is too high.

The Bottom Line With its big buttons, punchy loudspeaker and super-simple menu system, the Emporia Click is a dream come true for elderly mobile users. For everyone else, it’s going to be too basic to be considered a serious purchase.

5.5 Overall

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The Emporia Click is a phone which has been designed with basic functionality in mind. Aimed at novice mobile users and those with poor eyesight and bad hearing, the phone has a very limited set of specifications. There’s no 3G, no Wi-Fi and only a very basic camera. Bluetooth is included though, allowing you to connect peripherals such as cordless headphones.

The Emporia Click is currently available on Amazon for around £90.

Should I buy the Emporia Click?

Do you have poor eyesight? Is your hearing quite poor? Do you get easily confused by modern-day smart phones, with their new-fangled email, Internet connections and app stores? If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, then the Emporia Click is quite possibly the phone of your dreams.

Image description
The Emporia Click is covered with a rubber-touch coating which prevents unwanted drops.

The buttons are big and bold, the speaker is loud enough to be heard in a crowd and the list of features is so basic that almost anyone can pick up this device and make a call or send a text.

If you consider yourself to be a seasoned mobile veteran however, then you’re going to be very disappointed with this phone The total absence of what many would deem to be essential mobile features is sure to upset those who have already embraced the smart phone revolution with open arms. Simplicity is certainly something to be applauded, but the Emporia Click possibly goes a little too far for most users.

Ultimately, the Emporia Click is aimed at a certain type of consumer, and if you don’t fit into that category, there’s little point in considering it. If you’re buying for an elderly relative however, then it might find favour.

Design and display

Compared to the boxy Emporia RL1, the Click is a far more attractive proposition. Although clamshell handsets have arguably had their day, there’s something intrinsically appealing about closing this device after making a call. The design is also sleek and eye-catching -- something which can’t really be said about the RL1.

Image description
When opened up, the Emporia Click is actually quite a neat looking device, but it feels cheap.

The Emporia Click is made almost entirely from plastic, and features a rubberised coating to aid grip. The metallic plastic which runs around the top end of the device is intended to add a dash of class, but it ends up looking tacky and unnecessary.

In fact, there’s a whiff of cheapness to the entire phone. When you pick it up it feels like a child’s toy, and at 110g lacks the weight you’d expect from this kind of product. The massive keypad is designed to make it easy for older mobile users to see which buttons they’re pressing, but it feels lumpy and imprecise, this is especially true of the directional keys and “OK” and “Back” buttons, which are used navigate around the Emporia Click’s simplistic menu system.

Image description
The phone's screen is low-res and unimpressive, but at least it's bright and easy to read.

The phone’s screen is 2.2-inch TFT display with a resolution of 176x220 pixels. While it’s hardly likely to impress mobile users accustomed to the eye-popping HD panels of devices like the Nexus 4 and Samsung Galaxy S3, it's bright and has decent viewing angles. You can choose to have enlarged text to make it even easier to read.

Finally, the addition of an LED flashlight is a nice touch, and the phone's ringer is so loud it could wake the dead -- something which come prove especially handy if you have poor hearing or have to work in a noisy environment. 

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