Electrolux EFLS627S washer has special spot for detergent pods

This front-load washer has a hidden compartment just for detergent pods.

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It's the detergent drawer of tomorrow.

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Electrolux is back with a new front-load washer for 2018 -- the EFLS627S. Due in stores in May, it retains many of the things we loved about Electrolux's EFLS617S. But this version adds in a couple of key updates that might make it even better. 

This model (which will eventually replace the EFLS617S), comes with a totally redesigned detergent drawer. Not only does each compartment now sport a more rounded shape, it also adds in a new spot specifically for detergent pods. Just open the drawer, stick up to two detergent pods in the compartment, close the drawer and start a cleaning cycle. 

In the same way that Electrolux's SmartBoost feature premixes liquid detergent with water before it hits the drum, the EFLS627S's new dispenser is supposed to make the same thing possible for peope who use pods -- rather than simply tossing the pod in the drum.  

The EFLS627S also offers a new stain setting called "solid soil." Electrolux told me this option is designed for the gnarliest, toughest stains. This washer has nine cleaning cycles, including a 15-minute speed wash option. 

Electrolux gives this washer a detergent pod dispenser

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In addition to the EFLS627S, Electrolux will also be releasing 527- and 427-series models to replace its existing 517- and 417-series washing machines. The new 500- and 400-series washers will have some of the same options as the EFLS627S, but not everything. For instance, neither model will have the 627's SmartBoost feature and the 427-series model won't have a pod dispenser. The 300-series Electrolux EFLW317TIW will not be renewed for 2018.

We're tracking down review units of the 627-, 527- and 427-series, so check back in the spring to see if Electrolux's new washers stack up to its first-gen models.

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