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Eee PC 1008P Seashell (Karim Rashid Collection) review: Eee PC 1008P Seashell (Karim Rashid Collection)

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The Good Appealing chassis; comfortable keyboard.

The Bad Average battery life; pink version is rather shocking.

The Bottom Line The Eee PC 1008P Seashell Karim Rashid isn't the best netbook Asus has ever made, but, if you want a machine that really stands out from the crowd, it may be right up your street

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7.5 Overall

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The netbooks in Asus' Eee PC Seashell series have always been among the best-looking models on the market. That hasn't stopped Asus trying to spice things up further, however. It's reached out to eccentric fashion designer Karim Rashid in a bid to extend the appeal of the 10.1-inch Eee PC 1008P Seashell to fashionistas far and wide. The Eee PC 1008P Seashell Karim Rashid is available to buy now for around £330.

Hot pink or brown?
The 1008P Seashell Karim Rashid is based on the standard 1008P chassis. It's had a few tweaks, though -- the slick, glossy surface of the original has been replaced by something that resembles snakeskin, or the lining of an alligator's spleen. Its surface is clad with hundreds of small, rectangular scales, each of which is twisted slightly, giving the netbook's surface an unusual texture and spectacular light-reflecting properties. It's available in brown or in a pink finish that only Carrie Bradshaw could pull off.

Form over function 
This 1008P model has a number of other cool touches that separate it from the crowd. Its ports are shrouded behind flaps in order to preserve the uniformity of its pink, leathery appearance. Also, its battery is located inside the chassis, rather than being clipped on at the rear. To access it, you'll need to slide a switch on the base of the netbook, open a flap and tease the flat, rectangular battery from its hatch.

The netbook also comes in a more demure brown

Asus could have opted for a larger battery. Instead, it's decided to go for form over function. Whether that's a good move depends on how aesthetically driven you are. 

Values your input 
Netbooks have a reputation for offering terrible keyboards and trackpads, but that's not the case with this 1008P. Asus has plenty of experience of shoehorning large input devices into small frames, and has once again delivered a comfortable keyboard with isolated keys that's extremely easy to use, even when touch typing.

The netbook's trackpad is also a joy to use. Its textured surface provides great feedback beneath the fingers, and it's highly accurate. It also recognises multi-touch gestures.

Accessorise, darling
Surprisingly, Asus hasn't stuffed this 1008P to the gills with superfluous extras. There's no cheesy screensavers or pointless, fashion-inspired software -- just a couple of desktop wallpapers to spruce up Windows 7 Starter.

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