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Eee PC 1005P review: Eee PC 1005P

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The Good Long battery life; comfortable keyboard.

The Bad Offers the same mediocre performance as most netbooks.

The Bottom Line The Eee PC 1005P is pretty much identical to its Eee PC 1005PE sibling, but sports a smaller hard drive and is slightly less expensive. It's still a fabulous piece of kit, though, and will appeal to anyone requiring a comfortable netbook with good stamina away from the mains

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8.3 Overall

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What measures 10.1-inches, brings great pleasure to those who possess it and can often be found on the seedier side of the Internet? Well, yes, there is that, but we were actually referring to the Eee PC 1005P -- one of the first netbooks to use Intel's next-generation Atom N450 CPU. Like its newly formed brethren, the 1005P promises significantly improved battery life compared to its predecessors, yet remains as affordable as we'd expect a netbook to be. It's available to buy now for around £260 from all good netbook retailers.

If the 1005P sounds familiar, that's because it's almost identical to the Eee PC 1005PE we reviewed not long ago. Both machines use the same chassis, are available in the same black or white colour schemes, and have the same core components. They're both powered by Atom N450 processors and 1GB of RAM, and even have the same size battery pack. The only difference is the fact they're available with varying amounts of storage. The 1005P comes with a bog-standard 160GB hard drive, while the 1005PE has a more bountiful 250GB model. Read our full 1005PE review to find out everything you need to know about its 1005P sibling.

Edited by Charles Kloet

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