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Edifier Breathe review: Edifier Breathe

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The Good Impressive with acoustic tunes. On-board subwoofer. Sturdy build.

The Bad Distorts with complex music. Ugly.

The Bottom Line The Edifier Breathe is an impressive attempt at a low-price hi-fi dock, but its size and tendency for distortion let it down.

6.7 Overall

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Edifier is a brand that has been around for a few years, but it is most readily associated with computer speakers — its boxes can be seen stacked in a local PC store. But the company has started branching out with iPod docks and even stereo systems.

Design and features

The Breathe is pitched as a premium iPod dock, and the construction is certainly very sturdy for a device of this price, with an aluminium chassis and back panel. The unit features five drivers — two woofers, two tweeters and a down-facing subwoofer — and the total power output is rated at 48 Watts.

It's an imposing device, too, with a width of 420mm, a height of 257mm and a depth of 244mm. It also weighs in at a not-inconsiderable 4.8kg.

The only issue we could level at the device is on the design itself: it looks like a Pac-Man ghost in mourning. The front of the device is covered with acoustically transparent cloth, and beneath the dock at the top of the unit sits a rubber control panel featuring volume, play/pause and skip buttons. The keys themselves are a bit squishy, though, and at times simply unresponsive.

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