The Earin M-2 is scheduled to ship in late March.


Before Apple's AirPods showed up, a handful of companies, including Sweden-based Earin, were making truly wireless earphones. Its M-1 was decent but pricey and lacked a built-in microphone for making calls.

Now Earin's introduced its new M-2 at CES 2017, claiming the wireless earbuds will be "the smallest and lightest available on the market." Like the M-1, the new model will come with a docking capsule that both charges and stores the earbuds. The M-2, which has built-in microphones for making calls, is scheduled to ship in late March, but Earin hasn't said how much it'll cost (the M-1 is now $200).

Earin claims these are lighter than Apple's Airpods.


I'm supposed to get some hands-on time with the M-2 in the coming days and will add my impressions once I do. But for now here's a look at its key features, according to Earin:

  • Unique shape, with noise-isolating design
  • Smallest and lightest truly wireless earbuds available to date
  • Dual antenna and near-field magnetic induction (NFMI) powered by NXP Semiconductors delivers a reliable and stable connection
  • Touch interface on the tip of the earbud for answering calls, playing/pausing music, and skipping to the next song
  • 3 hours battery life for music
  • Charging case delivers 3 extra charges for 12 hours total music playback
  • Expected to ship in late Q1
  • No pricing available yet
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