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Purified heat keeps Dyson's bladeless fan on the cutting edge

Dyson's newest crazy expensive gadget filters the air while heating or cooling the room.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer

With app-enabled smarts, the ability to heat or cool the air, a bladeless design, and a powerful HEPA air filter, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link has a lot going for it. Good thing, too, because it costs an eye-popping $600, £500 or AU$749.

Apparently, the filter removes almost 100 percent of particles from the air -- Dyson claims 99.97 percent. It has some built-in smarts and can adjust the airflow automatically depending on the air quality in the room. You can also use the Dyson Link app to monitor the air quality in your home from afar and activate the purifier.

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Most of these tricks are the same on the $500 Dyson Pure Cool Link, which hit the market this spring. Dyson's been incrementally adding more and more features to its bladeless fans for a couple of years now, and this newest version brings heat to its purifier just in time for fall. Dyson has a bladeless fan with the ability to heat and cool, but this is the first with smarts, heating, cooling and air filtration.

You'll be able to splurge on Dyson's newest fan starting September 1 on Dyson.com if you're in the US. On September 18, the $600 Pure Hot+Cool will roll out to major US appliance retailers. If you're in the UK, the fan will cost £500 and goes on sale September 5. It'll be on sale in stores and online in Australia on September 1 for AU$749.

Dyson's hot and cool purifier is an air-pushing triple threat

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