Dvico TVIX 4130 review: Dvico TVIX 4130SH PVR

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The Good Great digital file support. Compact size.

The Bad Slow response times. Only a single HD tuner. Very hard to network properly.

The Bottom Line DViCO's 4130SH will play back just about anything you throw at it. Just don't do your throwing from the network.

7.5 Overall

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If you've read our review of the DVICO TViX 5130 PVR, you'll recall how impressed we were with its unique beer barrel shape; if nothing else it's at least different. In design terms, however, the 4130SH is the reverse; it's not different at all from many other players, coming in a short squat box that sits somewhere between most consumer NAS devices and the Apple TV. On the plus side, this makes it far more compatible with most home A/V cabinets, where the 5130 wasn't.

One design factor that they both share is the remote control, which is an intelligently laid out but somewhat uninspiring black number. While it's not tough to use for basic controls, like the 5130, it's rather slow to respond, and the sheer number of button options means you're unlikely to use it intuitively, rather than checking the buttons each time.

The 4130SH is a high definition PVR with a single TV tuner. This means you can't schedule one recording and watch another channel, and while it does use the freely available EPG information, the menu setup for doing things like scheduling recordings is, in a word, rather clumsy.

Alongside its PVR duties, it will also act as a home media hub via either wired or wireless networking (more on this later), or via an installed SATA hard drive or external USB storage device. It's worth noting that while the 5130SH comes in a consumer-friendly version that includes an installed drive, there's no such option with the 4130SH. If you want a drive in this PVR, you're going to have to pay for and install it yourself.

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