Measuring only 104 x 47 x 25mm, the cordless handset is about the same size as a modern mobile phone -- although the 830R is slightly thicker. At a lightweight 88 grams, it shouldn't be a pain in the arm if you find yourself gasbagging to your friends or family for hours on end. Doro packages three different coloured shells (red, grey and white) with the 830R so you can match your cordless phone (and base) to your décor.

The memory in the phone can only accommodate 20 entries, which probably isn't the best for in a home office situation where you need to store all your contacts. Also, if you like to talk on your cordless phone while using your hands for other activities like the dishes, for instance, we fear the 830R is too small for a shoulder-to-head balancing act.

Retailing at AU$129 with a built-in digital answering system, and only AU$80 for an extra handset, we see the tiny Doro 830R filling a gap in the market for a stylish, reasonably-priced, compact cordless phone.