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DLO Relaxed Leather Cases for iPod Nano

Superb craftsmanship and high-grade materials make the DLO Relaxed Leather Case a poster child for the next wave of haute couture iPod Nano accessories.

DLO Relaxed Leather Cases for iPod Nano

Quick Take: After reviewing so many subpar synthetic cases for the Apple iPod Nano, we were excited to finally introduce our iPod to a high-quality bodyguard: the Relaxed Leather Case by Digital Lifestyle Outfitters. These designer leather cases are cut from genuine rawhide and come in a series of 10 different rustic color ways with all the trimmings; choose from a variety of styles, including suede, railroad stitching, or distressed leather to add a touch of western flare to your ensemble. Our personal favorite is the Mocha Suede case--we just couldn't stop feeling the buttery-soft cover.

Right out of the box, the stamp of quality is in the rich leather smell and the supple texture of the case. This is definitely not your run-of-the-mill leather. Careful detail was put into the cut and design, which incorporate cutouts for the headphone jack and the connector plug, a heavy-duty belt clip for secure mobility, and a magnetic flip-top case to shield your investment from damage. Note that there's no plastic screen cover as the flip top is the main protector. Not exactly form fitting, the case is cut into a rectangle, so there is a bit of bulk added to your player, but we'll consider it a small price to pay for luxury. Users will appreciate the fact that DLO has lined all of its cases with a soft felt material to save the front and back of your Nano from unsightly scratches. It's this astute attention to detail that pushes the DLO Relaxed Leather Cases over and above the competition. Most importantly, at $29.99, these cases add a classy flavor to your iPod Nano without depleting your savings.

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