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Digital Holga Kitchen Sink Kit review: Digital Holga Kitchen Sink Kit

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The Good Fun, unpredictable results. Can be used on pretty much all digital SLR mounts. Range of adapters and converters.

The Bad Doesn't have the same feel as a film Holga. Needs a lot of light or high ISO to take a decent shot. Wide-angle adapter is not particularly effective.

The Bottom Line The unpredictable nature of Holga cameras is now available on your digital SLR, and it's a whole lot of fun.

8.0 Overall

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For those unacquainted with the joys of lomography and lo-fi analog photography, be prepared to throw away everything you know about shooting on digital cameras. The original Holga is a plastic toy camera that is known for its light leaks and low-quality lens. The dreamy images that it produces are entirely unpredictable, and that's the beauty of Holga; one image might be perfect, the next might have vignetting in the corners, and turn out entirely unlike you expected.

The Digital Holga lens is the same as that found on a regular Holga film camera — a bit like the Lensbaby series of optics that also give unpredictable results.

We were provided with the Digital Holga Kitchen Sink Kit to test, which includes your choice of Holga mount lens (Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Pentax or Sony), as well as a fish-eye converter, wide-angle converter, telephoto converter, a close-up lens set and a macro lens set. Other kits are available with just the Holga lens or a number of other combinations with converters.

The focal length of the lens is 60mm, and it has a fixed aperture of f/8. Depending on the crop factor of your digital SLR, this effective focal length will change. On the Canon EOS 600D, our test camera, it's roughly equivalent to a 96mm lens. Like any other Holga lens, it comes with a focus guide on the barrel, which you rotate according to an approximate distance from your subject: for example, a single person would be for someone reasonably close up, and the landscape icon is for shooting at infinity for distant subjects.

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