Diamond-X Bluetooth headset review: Diamond-X Bluetooth headset

The Good The iVoice Diamond-X has automatic volume adjustment, voice confirmations, caller ID, multipoint technology, echo cancellation, and comes with different earbud covers.

The Bad The iVoice Diamond-X has no volume controls, a slightly scratchy earpiece, and outgoing call quality could be improved.

The Bottom Line The iVoice Diamond-X has decent features, but for the price, we expect better design and sound quality.

6.7 Overall

Not all Bluetooth headsets have caller ID, and when they do, they come with LED screens that are hard to read when driving. Some solve that problem by reading out the caller's number to you, which is the category into which the iVoice Diamond-X falls. It also has features like multipoint technology, automatic volume control, and dual microphones for noise cancellation. We're not too thrilled with the lack of volume controls, and the sound quality isn't perfect, but it's a decent headset overall. That said, you could probably do better for the price. The iVoice Diamond-X is available now for $100.

When we first heard of the iVoice Diamond-X, we imagined a headset encrusted with diamond-like jewels. But it turns out the only diamond-like object on the headset is the multifunction button, which is a shiny plastic with a design vaguely reminiscent of a diamond. Like the iVoice Baby-ai, the Diamond-X has a round, teardrop design. Measuring 1.7 inches long by 0.8 inch wide by 0.6 inch thick (if you don't count the earpiece), the Diamond-X is a bit thicker than some of the other high-end headsets, but it's still small enough to be discreet. The multifunction button is easy to press. You might notice there are no volume controls at all. The theory is that the Diamond-X has automatic volume adjustment, so you won't need them, but we still want the option.

Flip the headset over and you'll find an in-ear-style earpiece with a gel-like earbud cover. The Diamond-X comes with a variety of ear bud gel covers for different-size ears. It fits quite comfortably in the ear, but we do have one complaint: the surrounding plastic at the base end of the earpiece can feel a little scratchy in the ear. We also would recommend using the optional plastic ear hook, as it feels insecure without it. The ear hook is rather thick for our tastes--you can't easily wear glasses with it--but it does keep the headset in its place. The ear hook is flexible enough and can be arranged to fit either ear.

We tested the iVoice Diamond-X with the Apple iPhone 3G and were able to pair the headset successfully. When you first turn the headset on, the Diamond-X announces, "Hello," and automatically goes into pairing mode. It also announces, "Pairing Code 0000." After you pair it with a device, it'll say, "Pairing successful." This isn't really necessary, but it's nice to have aural confirmation, especially if you're new to the whole Bluetooth thing. When receiving a call, the Diamond-X will announce the phone number of the caller for caller ID. We've heard that the Diamond-X will also read the caller's name, but it wasn't able to do so with the Apple iPhone 3G, even when the caller was in our phone book. We'll update this review if we have a different result with other phones.

Call quality was decent overall, but outgoing quality could be improved. Incoming audio sounded fine: callers were loud and clear, with little distortion. The Diamond-X did adjust the volume automatically, depending on whether we were in a quiet office environment or outside on the busy sidewalk. Outgoing sound quality was a little more mixed, however. Callers heard us pretty clearly when we were in a crowded restaurant, so the noise cancellation works pretty well, but they said our overall voice quality was lacking. Our voice sounded crackly and robotic, and when we checked with our own voice mail, we found that to be true.

Other features of the iVoice Diamond-X include answering, rejecting, and ending a call, multipoint technology so that you can connect up to two devices simultaneously, a battery status indicator, support for call waiting and voice dialing where available, and compatibility with VoIP applications.

The iVoice Diamond-X comes with an AC adapter, a USB cable, and a car charger. It has a rated battery life of 4.5 hours talk time and 6.25 days standby time.