Dell's XPS 10 Windows RT tablet includes a detachable keyboard (hands-on pictures)

Dell's first Windows RT tablet comes with a keyboard accessory, but will that be enough for it to compete with the upcoming avalanche of Windows tablets? A few hands-on pics inside.

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Dell's XPS 10 and its detachable keyboard Stephen Shankland/CNET

I still don't yet know what to make of Windows tablets. They'll be running two different operating systems on two different types of processors and, so far, announced prices for Windows tablets haven't been low.

While Dell itself has yet to announce pricing for its first Windows RT tablet, the XPS 10, it is offering at least one useful extra: a fully detachable physical keyboard.

Dell XPS 10 Tablet (pictures)

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Like most 10.1-inch tablets, the XPS 10 sports a black chassis with a wide glossy bezel and silver trim wrapped around the edge. The keyboard dock includes a touch pad with a key layout similar to Asus' Transformer keyboards and the tablet looks to slide into the dock in a similar manner to Asus' peripheral.

The XPS 10 will feature microSD storage expansion and a Micro-USB port. The tablet and keyboard each house a battery, with a purported combined battery life of 20 hours.

Once attached, the XPS 10 resembles an ultraportable laptop. Stephen Shankland/CNET

First thoughts
We don't have a clue yet as to pricing, but since Dell offers a fully detachable keyboard, don't expect the XPS 10 to be cheap. Look for more coverage of the Dell XPS 10 over the next few weeks leading up to its late October launch.