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Dell W2600 review: Dell W2600

  • 1

The Good Slick look; 2:3 pull-down video processing; excellent connectivity, including DVI.

The Bad Subpar black-level performance; noticeable red push.

The Bottom Line A good choice for casual viewing, this versatile flat-panel LCD is a strong value.

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5.8 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 7
  • Performance 4

Dell W2600

At just under $2,000, Dell's 26-inch W2600 is one of the least-expensive 26-inch LCD televisions on the market, but its spec sheet is mighty impressive. We did find a couple of image-quality flaws from a home-theater perspective, but at this size we expect people to use the W2600 more for TV- and HDTV-watching in bright light--or as a massive computer monitor--than for viewing DVDs in the dark.

This smart-looking flat panel definitely does not lack style. Classy chrome accents surround the screen and the side-mounted speakers, which make the wide screen look even wider. At just 37 pounds (without the stand), this LCD is plenty light enough to hang on a wall. The stand functioned smoothly when tilting or swiveling.

The remote control is solid, comfortable to hold, and looks just as attractive as the panel itself. Some keys are backlit, but choosing inputs is a bit convoluted; you'll have to scroll through inputs on a menu to find the one you want. The TV automatically detects active inputs and highlights them on the menu.

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