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Dell UltraSharp 38 joins the 38-inch curved monitor club

It does have a few perks that similar monitors don't.


Now that Dell's launched its 38-inch curved monitor, there are enough of them to have a party. The company joins Acer, Asus and LG with a 38-inch, 2300R, WQHD+ (3,840x1,600-pixel) IPS display with stereo speakers.

After seeing Samsung's new 49-inch model, however, everything else seems a bit small.

Dell does add a little extra to earn its $1,499 premium price though, including a built-in KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switch for toggling between two systems and a factory calibration report. (All UltraSharps come with a color-accuracy report sheet, though unlike many of the better Dell monitors, this one's only rated for ≤ 3 Delta-E.)

It's slated to ship by the end of June. I don't have pricing or availability for the UK and Australia, but the US price directly converts to £1,185 and AU$1,990.

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