Dell Studio 17 (Windows 7, touchscreen) review: Dell Studio 17 (Windows 7, touchscreen)

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The Good Well-implemented multi-touch display; impressive performance; good audio capabilities.

The Bad Too expensive; screen doesn't offer a 'Full HD' resolution.

The Bottom Line The touchscreen Studio 17 offers good performance, but it's too expensive for a machine in Dell's mid-range series, and, at this price, it should really have a display with a 'Full HD' resolution

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7.5 Overall

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Nothing puts a smile on our faces like slating a rubbish laptop or applauding a wonderful one. But the version of Dell's Studio 17 that we review here -- the high-end model with a 17.3-inch touchscreen -- isn't really either. It's powerful, has brilliant audio-playback capability, and sports a comprehensive multi-touch management hub, but it also has a couple of flaws that make it hard to get very excited about. 

The configuration that we had in for review costs around £980. The base configuration is priced at about £950.

Hit the right key
The Studio 17's chassis is relatively inconspicuous, with a glossy black lid and silver keyboard surround. The keyboard has a full numeric pad on the right-hand side, with a muted white backlight for typing in the dark. Kudos to Dell for implementing a Knight Rider-esque light show when the machine boots up. 

There's little space between the keys, so it's easy to hit the wrong one, but the keyboard has a satisfying feel to it nevertheless. A minor aesthetic niggle is that the 'chainlink' pattern on the keyboard surround runs right over the touchpad. That's not really our cup of tea.

Weighing 3.6kg, the Studio 17 is no waif, but it makes every gram count, with a wealth of top-notch components packed in. Our review sample had 4GB of memory, backed up by a quad-core, 1.6GHz Intel Core i7-720QM processor, and a drop-protected 500GB hard drive.

Entertainment value
The Studio 17 packs a 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 GPU. This would easily be capable of playing back 1080p high-definition video without any stutter -- if Dell hadn't opted to fit a screen with a 1,600x900-pixel resolution. The display is vibrant and offers pin-sharp definition, so its lack of a 'Full HD' resolution is a shame. Our review sample also had a DVD, rather than Blu-ray, drive, but you can add the latter for £90. At least there are HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA ports, so you can pump images to a TV or monitor, for example.

The patterned trackpad isn't to our tastes, but the JBL speakers deliver excellent audio

The two JBL-branded speakers that sit on either side of the trackpad deliver fantastic sound, aided by the downwards-firing subwoofer. SRS Premium Sound technology is also included, aiming to give you an ersatz 5.1-channel audio experience. While we're not convinced by the 5.1-channel claim, the SRS technology adds an immersive quality to the already impressive audio feature set.

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