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Dell Latitude D800 Business review: Dell Latitude D800 Business

Dell Latitude D800 Business

Stephanie Bruzzese
3 min read
Intel's fastest Pentium M processor makes a grand debut in the Dell Latitude D800. The desktop replacement's second-generation 2GHz Pentium M (code-named Dothan) helped it clock the best performance scores we've seen among Pentium M laptops. The spoils continue with an expansive, 15.4-inch display; built-in Bluetooth and 802.11b/g wireless; and a
"--="" rel="noopener nofollow" class="c-regularLink" target="_blank">&siteid=7&edid=&lop=txt&destcat=ex_1&destUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Epcwebopedia%2Ecom%2FTERM%2Fs%2Fsmart%5Fcard%2Ehtml">smart-card reader. All of these features and more make the Dell Latitude D800 a must for employees seeking top speed in a well-designed portable.
The Dell Latitude D800's 1.7-by-14.1-by-10.8-inch, 7.4-pound case outweighs the thin-and-light cases of Dothan competitors such as the HP Compaq Business Notebook nc6000 by more than a pound. Yet with this girth come many perks: such as a broad, 15.4-inch display; a familiar, desktoplike keyboard; and both a touchpad and a pointing stick. The system also offers almost every port possible, including FireWire, Gigabit Ethernet, S-Video out, four USB 2.0 ports, a parallel port, and even a serial port. The latter dinosaur represents a nod to Dell's long-standing corporate customers who may still use old peripherals based on serial port technology. Finally, the Dell Latitude D800 features a swappable internal bay for its included DVD/CD-RW drive and optional modules, such as DVD+R/+RW or a second battery. Each module works with all members of the Latitude D-series family, helping businesses buy fewer modules to share among employees.
A handful of additional Dell Latitude D800 features are worthy of note. The system sports the hottest wireless components du jour: 802.11b/g and "--="" rel="noopener nofollow" class="c-regularLink" target="_blank">&siteid=7&edid=&lop=txt&destcat=ex_1&destUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ebluetooth%2Ecom%2F">Bluetooth. It also includes a smart-card reader, which accommodates secure cards containing your personal passwords and other info. Writing info to these cards requires optional software, which Dell sells, starting at $49.
The Dell Latitude D800's 2GHz Pentium M processor, 512MB of 266MHz SDRAM, killer 128MB Nvidia GeForce FX Go5650 graphics chip, and fast 5,400rpm 80GB hard drive made quick work of CNET Labs' benchmarks, bumping the laptop into the top Pentium M performance spot. Its 250-minute battery life proved slightly less impressive compared to the lives of other Dothan-based notebooks, such as the 325 minutes of the Acer TravelMate 8000.
Dell offers a pile of optional software suites for the Latitude D800, ranging from Corel WordPerfect Office 11.0 to Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003. The system ships with a warranty that's longer than average: three years of parts and labor are covered with return-to-depot service, which you can extend via various options, including onsite service and accidental damage protection. Toll-free phone support is available 24/7. Dell's extensive support Web site also gives you the ability to chat with a tech-support rep, engage in user forums, and more.
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System configurations:

Acer TravelMate 8000
Windows XP Professional; 1.8GHz Intel Pentium M; 512MB DDR SDRAM 333MHz; ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 128MB; Hitachi 5K60 80GB 5,400rpm
Dell Latitude D800
Windows XP Professional; 2GHz Intel Pentium M; 512MB DDR SDRAM 266MHz; Nvidia GeForce FX Go5600 128MB; Hitachi 5K60 80GB 5,400rpm
HP Compaq Business Notebook nc6000
Windows XP Professional; 1.8GHz Intel Pentium M; 512MB DDR SDRAM 333MHz; ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 64MB; Toshiba MK6022GAX 60GB 5,400rpm
WinBook W360
Windows XP Professional; 1.7GHz Intel Pentium M; 512MB DDR SDRAM 333MHz; ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 64MB; Hitachi 5K60 80GB 5,400rpm
ZT Group ZTpro M1015
Windows XP Professional; 1.6GHz Intel Pentium M; 512MB DDR SDRAM 333MHz; ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 64MB; Toshiba MK6021GAS 60GB 5,400rpm