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Dell Inspiron One 2310 Desktop review: Dell Inspiron One 2310

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The Good A good-looking all-in-one. Touch capable. Includes Blu-ray.

The Bad Mid-range performance. Touch on Windows 7 is still a curiosity.

The Bottom Line Dell's take on the all-in-one looks great, but doesn't quite perform as well as we'd like.

Visit manufacturer site for details.

7.8 Overall

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In the all-in-one space, it's hard not to talk about design and mention the elephant in the room, that being Apple's iMac line. Love or loathe them, it's hard not to admit that Apple builds its products with design as a central principle, and as such, iMacs look quite good. Most all-in-one PC competitors have struggled in this space with cheap plastic designs, but Dell's Inspiron One 2310 gives Apple's now ageing iMac design something of a run for its money, with a nicely rounded bezel, clear Perspex rear stand and prop feet. Whether or not the design appeals to you is obviously a matter of personal taste, but we rather like it. It's even got a decent wireless and keyboard mouse combination thrown in as well.


Dell's general mantra for its PC lines is customisation above all else, but in the case of the Inspiron One 2310, it's very much a fixed menu item, after a fashion. There is a customisation tab for the product, but all it will let you select are add-on services, and at the time of writing, the option to buy a Kogan Ezinav G4 GPS. Just in case you needed one, and, we noted, at the time of writing, Dell was charging a $10 premium for it.

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