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Dell Inspiron M101z review: Dell Inspiron M101z

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The Good Decent performance for the price. Comfortable keyboard. Choice of case styles. Good battery life.

The Bad No optical drive.

The Bottom Line Dell's inexpensive M101z isn't a netbook, but it's worth consideration for any prospective netbook purchaser thanks to its combination of performance, price and battery life.

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8.8 Overall


You could be forgiven for thinking that the M101z was a netbook with an addiction to growth hormones, as stylistically that's what this 11.6-inch screened notebook most closely resembles. It's relatively small (205x35x292mm) and light (1.56kg) and isn't endowed with a wealth of shiny lights, additional buttons or a huge number of ports. In fact, the most colourful thing on the tray of our review unit was the badge that denotes the use of AMD's Vision platform on this particular notebook. That's not to say that it can't be somewhat colourful. Our review sample came with a very nondescript black cover, but it's optionally available in blue, red or pink at the same price.

Spin the M101z around and you'll immediately notice one thing, and that's the distinct absence of an optical drive. Unlike the recently reviewed Dell Inspiron N301, this isn't something that comes in the box and attaches via USB; it's simply absent, and there's no option at the time of writing to buy one directly from Dell.


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