Dell adds a touch of Windows 8 monitors

The three new touch-screen monitors feature HD resolutions, a bevy of connections, and competitive pricing.

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The three new touch-screen Dell monitors come in a variety of sizes and prices, including the 23-inch P2314T (above). Dell

Dell is adding to the flourishing selection of Windows 8-compatible monitors with a new trio. The three touch-screen HD monitors feature multitouch capabilities and relatively affordable pricing.

The new Dell Touch models are the 19.5-inch E2014T, the 23-inch P2314T, and the 27-inch P2714T.

The multitouch displays respond to the standard multitude of gestures including tapping, swiping, pinching, and stretching. There are HDMI, VGA, MHL, DisplayPort, and USB ports on all the monitors.

The smallest of the three has a simple design with little ergonomic supoprt. Dell

Dell 20 Touch Monitor (E2014T)
The 19.5-inch E2014T -- which gets rounded up to 20 in its more conventional product name -- has a 1,600x900-pixel HD resolution, purported 8 million:1 contrast ratio, and speedy 2ms response time.

The Dell 20 Touch Monitor is the smallest and least expensive of the three new models. It's available for purchase soon with the starting retail price of $250.

Although it isn't reinventing the wheel, the E2014T monitor is breaking new ground as a Windows 8 monitor. At 19.5 inches, it's smaller than most Windows 8-ready monitors on the market, and at $250 it also costs less as well.

The Dell 23 Touch Monitor and Dell 27 Touch Monitor (above) share the same design. Dell

Dell 23 Touch Monitor (P2314T) and Dell 27 Touch Monitor (P2714T)
The 23- and 27-inch Dell Touch Monitors have more in common than not; aside from the 5-inch difference, both boast the same HD resolution, wide 178-degree viewing angles, and sleek edge-to-edge glass.

Like their smallest counterpart, the two monitors feature an 8 million:1 dynamic contrast ratio but unlike the Dell 20 Touch Monitor, the 23- and 27-inch models feature an adjustable stand with a few ergonomic options including a 60-degree tilt and wall-mount capabilities.

The 23 and 27-inch Dell Touch monitors feature a few ergonomic adjustments for an optimized touchscreen experience. Dell

The 23-inch P2314T and 27-inch P2714T touch monitors are now available for purchase starting at $450 and $700, respectively. Their pricing is in the wheelhouse of comparable Windows 8 touch-screen monitors and is pretty standard given their specs.

Windows 8 isn't going anywhere and neither are touch interfaces. While performance is still the most important monitor attribute, sensible and flexible ergonomics are now more crucial than ever to providing a pleasant computing experience.