Dell's entry-level desktop series starts as low as $299. That price requires you send in for a $50 mail-in rebate but does include a 17-inch CRT monitor and two-piece speaker set. At this price, you'll have to keep your expectations in check; Dimension B110 desktops feature aging budget parts, including the now three-generations-old Intel 865GV (Springdale) chipset. While these systems aren't suitable as your primary, everyday PC, they could make an affordable second or third PC for the most basic tasks. Four preconfigured models comprise the line; the top two models include a 17-inch analog LCD. All models feature a 2.53GHz Intel Celeron D 325 processor, integrated graphics, Windows XP Home, and Dell's old gray-and-black Dimension chassis. Your customization options are limited to adding more memory and a floppy drive as well as to upgrading the keyboard, the monitor, speakers, the productivity suite, and the warranty. Impressively, all but the lowest-end model feature a double-layer DVD burner. We recommend that whichever model you choose, you get at least 512MB of memory; XP tends to crawl with anything less. For more on all of Dell's desktop lines, check out our Down the line feature.