Dell Dimension 8400 series for Home - First Take

Intel's 925X Express chipset makes the Dell Dimension 8400 series exciting, but wait to buy it until the software catches up.

Rich Brown and Bill O'Brien
Dell Dimension 8400 series for Home
The case might look familiar from the outside, but the new Dell Dimension 8400 series represents the opening shot in Intel's wholesale overhaul of the desktop PC's core technology. Featuring Intel's new 925X Express (a.k.a Alderwood) chipset, Intel Pentium 4 processors from 3.2GHz to 3.8GHz, and PCI Express graphics, the 8400 series is essentially a showcase for the future of the PC. Like all Dell desktops, the Dimension 8400 series is highly configurable at Dell's Web site, giving you multiple hard drive, optical drive, monitor, and speaker options, among others. Dell sells the system on both its home and small-business sites, with an almost identical set of options; the difference lies only in the base configuration (and the starting price) that Dell recommends. You'll also find slight differences in the warranty and support options. Check out our full review of the Home configuration here.