Home users tight on space or just looking for something other than another bulky desktop will find an attractive all-around package in the space-saving Dell Dimension 4700C. Gamers, graphics gurus, and upgrade-silly enthusiasts will hold their noses aloft, but the 4700C has no such pretensions. You have your choice of Intel's midrange Pentium 4 500 series processors and XP Home, Pro, or Media Center OSs. There's room for only one hard drive inside the narrow case, but your options range from a puny 40GB drive up to a roomy 250GB unit. Your choice of graphics are limited to Intel's integrated GMA900 solution or ATI's budget Radeon X300 SE card. You can bundle a Dell flat-panel LCD with the system, and all carry very attractive prices. (The configuration we reviewed is midpriced for the line at $1,499.) On the whole, this mainstream system offers the right combination of features to handle most standard computing tasks and lets you have a modicum of fun doing it. Moreover, it takes up little desk space in doing so. Who says a PC needs to be exciting to be successful?