Dell 2407WFP-HC review: Dell 2407WFP-HC

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The Good Large screen. Great image quality. Multiple video inputs. Highly adjustable stand.

The Bad No 1080p over component. No filtering of interlaced sources.

The Bottom Line Dell has provided an excellent revision to its 2407 series, at an amazing price point. The only reason we can come up with not to buy it is if you desperately need 1080p over component.

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9.0 Overall

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Dell's 2407WFP-HC is the sixth model in the 2407 series. The first few revisions were known for an unfortunate tendency to display fuzzy text and mess up gradients due mainly to the image post-processing engine used. This was eventually reduced to just vertical gradients being a problem, and then all image quality concerns were addressed with the fifth revision.

The sixth "HC" revision increases the image quality once more by bringing High Colour to the table, meaning the screen is capable of displaying 92 percent of the NTSC colour gamut, compared to the 72-76 percent of old. For the non colour geeks out there, this means that a lot of colours that were being "lost" on older monitors -- that is, being displayed inaccurately -- can now be seen on screen. This should please everyday users and amateur photographers alike, although colour professionals will probably still keep a properly calibrated CRT somewhere for safety.

Dell's 24-inch monitors are typically the most feature laden of the bunch, with a stellar stand that supports height, tilt, pivot and rotate adjustments. A card reader is featured on the side that supports CF, SM, SD, MS and MMC, which connects to the PC through USB. Don't worry about losing USB ports though, as four extra are on the monitor -- two on the side, and two on the bottom.

Five different video inputs are available: DVI, VGA, Component, Composite and S-Video. It supports Picture In Picture and Picture By Picture using DVI or VGA as a base, and your choice of Composite, Component or S-Video as the secondary image. For those who've thrown their life savings into a PS3, an HDMI to DVI cable is included, and since HDCP is supported you'll be playing games and watching Blu-Ray movies with ease.

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