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Dell 2209WA review: Dell 2209WA

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The Good 22-inch IPS panel. Excellent colour and viewing angles. Great gaming performance. Fantastic price.

The Bad No 1:1 scaling. Inset monitor can cause reflections on bezel, and shadow on monitor.

The Bottom Line The 2209WA is a monitor with very few flaws. While we'd love to see 1:1 scaling, and the inset screen may cause some users grief, we wouldn't mind two of these sitting on our desk. This is the best 22-inch monitor we've seen.

9.0 Overall

Design and features
Dell's 2209WA is a screen, we expect, that will be snapped up rather quickly. It's an eIPS based, 22-inch screen with a resolution of 1,680x1,050, 300cd/m² brightness, 1,000:1 typical contrast ratio monitor, with a 6ms grey-to-grey response time — and it's only AU$459.

Dell quotes an 83 per cent coverage of the CIE1976 gamut — for reference, the 3008WFP weighs in at 117 per cent, and the 2709W and 2408WFP at 110 per cent of CIE1976. Regardless, colour representation is excellent without the tendency to ramp the reds and greens, a trait often seen with today's "wide gamut" monitors.

The panel itself is set in quite deeply from the surface of the bezel — around 8mm — which causes a few problems. Firstly, the bottom of the screen appears to be darkened slightly, like a shadow, and secondly the inside of the bezel tends to reflect the contents of the screen, which can be distracting. Neither of these are deal breakers, but can annoy. We found we adjusted after a period of use.

Inputs are limited to DVI and VGA, curious considering Dell's pushing of DisplayPort. A USB hub is built-in, with four extra USB ports being supplied as a result — two on the left-hand side, two on the underside of the monitor. There's also a small card that extends from behind the USB ports on the left — this contains monitor info on the front, and various certifications on the back. This is handy if you have to get support for your monitor — all the details are now right in front of you, rather than having to turn the screen around. Incidentally, the info card listed our review sample as a first run revision, A00.

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