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Delarew Designs Delapod Manhattan (light pink)

The Delarew Designs Delapod Manhattan bag is a perfect accessory for women on the go who want to combine an iPod case with a stylish purse.

Delarew Designs Delapod Manhattan (Light Pink)

Maybe you want a stylish way to carry your iPod but aren't concerned about showing it off. In fact, you'd rather it be safely tucked away so as not to tempt thieves. If that sounds like you, consider one of Delarew's Delapod handbags (the Manhattan in Light Pink is featured here). Each bag features a compartment made for your iPod that has a clear, plastic window allowing you to use the Click Wheel while protecting the surface of the player, but rather than being situated on the front of the bag, the window is concealed in the back part facing your body. This way, you end up showing off the tiny Delapod emblem while carrying the purse, rather than putting your pricey 'Pod on display. On either side of the compartment are two small holes that allow you to pull your headphone wire through the holes on the sides of the purse for cable management, but be aware that L-shaped headphone connectors won't fit through. The Manhattan is the largest of the Delapod bags, measuring 8 by 13 by 3 inches, and it comes in five color choices, though we weren't particularly fond of the faux-alligator look on the pink version. Other bag stylings include the AccessPak (mini backpack, available in five colors), the Gillmore (medium handbag, four colors), and the Jocee (small handbag, four colors). Prices range from $49 to $99, and purchasing information can be found at

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