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Data Robotics Drobo review: Data Robotics Drobo

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The Good Design; ease of use; easy top-up of storage; auto backups.

The Bad No Ethernet connectiivty.

The Bottom Line Data Robotics Drobo should be commended for giving users protection against data loss and the ability to top up their levels of storage as they see fit. The machine doesn't come cheap, and it lacks an Ethernet feature, but it could be just the thing for anyone with precious and burgeoning file collections

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8.3 Overall

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Data Robotics says Drobo is the world's first data storage robot. It has a point. It's no C-3PO, but it can automate most aspects of data storage. It serves as a giant repository which, in theory, will never lose data, never run out of space and can repair itself if problems arise. It's available now for £349.

Drobo is an external hard drive enclosure with a difference. It accepts anything up to four separate 3.5-inch SATA hard drives and turns that combined space into one central repository for storing data. Nothing new here -- but what's interesting is that it lets you hot-swap hard drives back and forth while the Drobo and the PC are switched on and in full use.

It's like an external RAID device - which can copy files from one disk to another so you never lose data -- but is superior in many ways. Drobo uses a proprietary virtualisation technology that allows it to work with just a single drive or up to three others. Drives can be added by sliding them into the Drobo's empty drive bays – no screws or tools are needed.

Once up and running you can use the drive space as if it were a single giant dumping ground for files. You can even increase the amount of storage you have whenever you see fit by adding another drive to a vacant bay. By contrast, increasing capacity in a RAID-based storage system normally requires backing up all files, replacing disks, then rebuilding the entire array -- very time consuming.

Disk replacement is inevitable with the Drobo, but the good news is that you can simply remove the smallest drive, replace it with a larger one and enjoy the extra capacity. It's like replacing batteries in a torch -- except the light never goes off.

The Drobo is currently limited to 4TB -- but that's only because there are four bays and current disk drives are limited in capacity to 1TB. Once larger drives emerge, so will the storage ceiling of the Drobo.

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