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Dacor's new gas ranges strive for high style, nimble heat control

The new Dacor Renaissance Pro Style gas ranges are pricey luxuries built for extreme cooking performance at home.

Brian Bennett Former Senior writer
Brian Bennett is a former senior writer for the home and outdoor section at CNET.
Brian Bennett
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Dacor sees its Renaissance gas ranges as stylish yet high-performance. Tyler Lizenby/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- It seems everyone fancies themselves to be a bit of a chef these days, or at least dreams of cooking like one. Large appliance maker Dacor has noticed the trend too, announcing its new Renaissance Pro Style Gas ranges here at the KBIS 2015 show. Starting at $6,199 and available in 48-inch and 36-inch models, each boasts six big burners. Two of them offer 18,000 BTUs of maximum searing power, but can be dialed down to a low 800 BTUs to simmer sauces without scorching.

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Dacor has clad these stoves in brushed metal surfaces for what it feels provides a professional aesthetic. More practically speaking, however, are the large temperature control knobs which run along the Pro Style's front face. They're within easy arm's reach, not inconveniently placed on a back panel beyond the burners. These dials also glow with a blue backlight to indicate when they've been switched on and their flames are operating.

Dacor has endowed this fancy cooker with what it calls PermaFlame and SmartFlame technologies. The first is designed to re-ignite burners if they extinguish unexpectedly, while the latter supposedly keeps flame contact with the cooking grates to a minimum, enhancing overall durability.

There's an oven down below as well, which has a self-cleaning cycle, a door with soft-close hinges, and two racks big enough to handle commercial-sized baking sheets. Dacor describes the Pro Style's mechanical baker as using a "Three-Part Convection" system designed for faster, more even cooking than conventional ovens.

Are brass-capped gas burners more refined? Dacor thinks so. Dacor

The Renaissance Pro Style Gas Ranges attract a hefty premium though. Dacor expects the appliances to start at a cool $6,199, with some models reaching an exorbitant $8,199. According to the company, units should hit showrooms this spring.