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D-Link DKZ-201S review: D-Link crams a lot of smarts into its Komfy light switch

The $250 D-Link Komfy Switch with Camera is an oddly elegant all-in-one solution to multiple smart devices.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
4 min read

We haven't had a whole lot of luck with D-Link's smart-home products in the past. Its first-gen Wi-Fi Smart Plug was extremely difficult to set up and use and its Pan and Tilt Day/Night Network Camera didn't really work at all. Things shifted slightly in D-Link's favor with its comically ginormous, but mostly functional Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera.


D-Link DKZ-201S

The Good

D-Link's $250 Komfy Switch with Camera -- model number DKZ-201S -- makes it easy to control two light switches and see what's happening in a room via a built-in 1080p camera. The related iPhone app is a simple access point to these functions and more, including motion and sound detection, as well as the current energy consumption, ambient temperature, humidity, light and air quality. It also has an IFTTT channel.

The Bad

This pricey product's faceplate feels a little flimsy and it's large, meaning it won't fit comfortably in every existing switch cutout. The Komfy's software only supports iPhones right now and I experienced some phantom alerts.

The Bottom Line

The D-Link Komfy Switch with Camera merges lighting control with home security quite seamlessly and discreetly -- and the environmental sensors are a welcome bonus. Consider it as a standalone security product in any area you'd like to watch more closely.

But its latest product, the $250 Komfy Switch with Camera (model number DKZ-201S) is something I can comfortably recommend. Believe me, I'm a little surprised too.

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Overall, the Komfy works well and offers all sorts of features for your money:

  • 1- or 2-gang light control (that's up to two lights on the same switch plate)
  • Auto-on/off scheduling
  • 1080p live streaming
  • Optional fee-based cloud storage, a microSD card slot (up to 64GB)
  • Motion and sound detection
  • Ambient temperature, humidity, light and air quality readings, energy consumption stats
  • A related IFTTT channel (but no other smart home product or platform support)

The downside, of course, is that you'd have to shell out 250 bucks (it's available for $210 on Amazon right now) for a light switch when you could spend just $200 on a Nest Cam or some other 1080p live streaming camera with more mobility. D-Link's Komfy is also limited to iPhones, automatically rendering this product useless to Android users.

At the same time, the Komfy is comparatively more discreet -- way more discreet than the brand's own massive 1080p camera -- and packs in extra functionality when you consider all of the included environment sensors.

It looks nice, too. The Komfy Switch has simple black or white plastic face- and wall- plates that snap on easily after installation. Installation is a bit trickier, though. That's mainly because it involves electrical wiring and if you aren't comfortable in that realm, you should absolutely check with an experienced friend or hire a professional to handle this part. The Komfy is also larger than your standard switch and might not fit in the electrical cutout as easily as your previous model.

The video below is a tutorial for installing a similar product, the Belkin WeMo Switch. It will give you the gist of what's involved, but is slightly different than the Komfy install, especially if you're connecting two switches. Just make sure you switch the lights, fan or other device off at the circuit breaker before starting any electrical project.

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Here are the basics of using D-Link's Komfy: it can control up to two light switches on a shared plate, also known as 2-gang -- press the top of the faceplate (above the camera) to manually control the first light and the bottom section of the faceplate (under the camera) to control the other light. It doesn't work with dimmers and it doesn't work with lights that have more than one control switch. In other words, if there are two separate switches on either side of your living room that both control the same light(s), you can't use them for this installation.

That could/will very likely limit where you put this product. So make sure to check on the types of switches you have before your purchase to ensure that you can actually install the Komfy in a place that makes sense to have a security camera, particularly where switches are facing vulnerable entry-points like exterior doors.

Enlarge Image

Doesn't quite look like a 1080p resolution, but it's still a solid live stream for a dark-ish basement.

Screenshot by CNET

The iPhone-only Komfy app is very easy to use. You can view a live stream in either day or night vision, watch saved clips (if you opt-in to cloud recording; this feature is in beta for now and available for free, but D-Link will begin to charge for it when it launches its subscription service) and record videos or snap photos on-demand. You can also receive notifications based on motion, sound, humidity, temperature and more, as well as schedule actions, like having your Komfy-connected lights switch on at certain times.

There's also a "One-Click" function that's manual rather than schedule-based and allows you to set custom home/away/bedtime/wake up and a "favorites" mode. And, I created an IFTTT recipe that automatically switched off the light whenever my phone left a geofenced space surrounding the CNET Smart Home.

Everything worked well (minus some phantom motion alerts), but I was especially impressed with the app. It's extremely intuitive, with an updated, straightforward design that's a breeze to navigate -- something we haven't yet experienced with a D-Link app.

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There isn't anything quite like D-Link's $250 Komfy Switch with Camera on the market today. It's definitely a niche product that won't make sense if you don't have a compatible 1- or 2-gang light switch facing a spot in your home that could use a little extra security -- and it might not fit in every electrical cutout. But it works well and offers a lot of unexpected, but useful features. Bonus: you can find it on Amazon right now for $210.


D-Link DKZ-201S

Score Breakdown

Features 9Usability 8Design 7Performance 7.5
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