Cut the Rope 2 review: A great mix of challenge and entertainment

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The Good Cut the Rope 2 offers a fun take on the original Cut the Rope, adding new levels, tools, obstacles, and characters. iCloud syncing makes it easy to play on multiple devices.

The Bad Daily push alerts get old. Paying to pass difficult levels is an annoying in-app purchase strategy.

The Bottom Line Cut the Rope 2 is both fun and challenging with new characters and game dynamics that make it a worthy sequel, but watch out for in-app purchases.

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8.2 Overall
  • Setup 7
  • Features 8
  • Interface 8
  • Performance 9

Cut the Rope 2 features the familiar character of Om Nom as you follow him around several worlds, trying to feed him with his precious, and seemingly delicious candy.

There are currently 120 levels in the follow-up to the original Cut the Rope, with new characters, challenges and tools to help Om Nom stay full of candy and happy.

For those unfamiliar with how Cut the Rope works, let's recap. Om Nom, the main character of the game, really likes his candy. As he travels throughout the different worlds included in the game, your objective is to cut all the right ropes, at the right time, combined with using new tools and other "Nommies" (the name of Om Nom's helpers) to force the piece of candy in each level to fall or roll into Om Nom's mouth. Doing this while also collecting up to three stars per level can be -- and often is -- a challenge.

More than just ropes
Cut the Rope 2, as the name implies, requires you to cut ropes to move candy around each level. At least, that's the game at its core, but so much more than that is required to complete levels, capture stars, and move on.

Cutting a rope, or series of ropes with perfect timing, is combined with popping balloons, and using powerful magnets, wood blocks, fans, and various characters all to help maneuver candy into Om Nom's mouth.

I played the original Cut the Rope and eventually gave up because I found the game boring. The entire story added levels and worlds, even requiring you to cut two or more ropes at the same time, but overall I didn't think it was all that challenging.

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