Cross Matrix Multifunction Pen

Quick Take: If you're always losing your tiny PDA stylus, it might be time to upgrade to something a little more substantial and functional. As the name would imply, the $30 Cross Matrix Multifunction Pen is a versatile instrument that works as a pen, a highlighter, and a stylus. The round, cigarlike pen is available in three colors (silver, blue, and red) and features a replaceable and refillable holder on the top of the pen so you can swap out ink cartridges. The pen ships with blue and red ballpoint refills and a yellow highlighter tip; you can also purchase roller ball cartridges and a fountain pen attachment and cartridges. The stylus resides on the bottom, and we tried it out with several handhelds including the PalmOne Zire 72, the HP iPaq hx4700, and the Dell Axim X30; it worked like a charm.