Creative MuVo Micro N200 review: Creative MuVo Micro N200

As we've come to expect from Creative players, the MuVo Micro sounded good in our tests, even through the included earbuds. The signal-to-noise ratio is listed as simply "up to 90dB," which is average, but we noticed no background hiss at normal volume levels, and audio sounded rich and clean. We did note the same issue that several users have complained about: the backlight produces some feedback, though it's mostly perceptible when your music is paused and thus doesn't hamper overall sound quality.

Although the Creative MuVo Micro's maximum bit rate for line-in encoding is 160Kbps, recordings sounded quite good, and the track-splitting (Sync Track) function worked accurately. Voice recordings also came out clearly, although you have to hold the player fairly close to the sound source to avoid a muffled quality. The FM tuner worked a treat too, with the autoscanner picking up all local stations.

What we were most pleased with, however, was the battery life recorded by CNET Labs. The MuVo Micro lasted more than 19 hours, beating Creative's own estimate by 4 hours. Its average transfer time of 1.76MB per second was decent for USB 2.0.

File-transfer speed
(Longer bars indicate better performance)
MB per second  
Cowon iAudio U2 (1GB)
MPIO FY400 (128MB)

Battery life
(Longer bars indicate better performance)
In hours  
MPIO FY400 (128MB; AAA)
Cowon iAudio U2 (1GB; rechargeable)

Note: Although we experienced no playback issues on our MuVo Micro test unit, some users have reported hearing "clicks" or "squeaks" while listening to music files on the device. According to Creative, these issues will be addressed in a firmware upgrade due out in February.