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Cowon A3 review: Cowon A3

Finally, the handful of extra features on the Cowon A3, such as the FM radio, the text viewer, and the photo viewer, are well done but nothing to write home about. We found the A3's FM radio provided above-average reception, and we were glad to see an ample amount of presets slots included (as many as 25).

Cowon A3
The composite and S-Video output feature on the A3 requires an included cable adapter. A dedicated switch on the bottom of the Cowon A3 switches between viewing content on the LCD display or the video output.

With its crisp, colorful; 800x480 display, it's hard to complain about the Cowon A3's video performance. We did find that the A3's display darkened considerably when tilted forward but presented excellent viewing angles when tilted from side to side. The inclusion of multiple aspect ratios, and a pan-and-scan feature made it easy to adjust movies to make the most of the A3's 4-inch screen.

When it comes to audio, Cowon's obsessive audio enhancement features put the A3 on a par with other Cowon standouts, such as the iAudio 7 and the D2. The inclusion of a stereo enhancement feature for video playback is a big plus as well, and it is a feature that few of its competitors include. That said, Cowon's oversight on not including support for ID3 tag sorting or DRM-protected WMA files betrays the audience who would embrace the A3 for its otherwise remarkable format support.

The Cowon A3's battery life is rated at 10 hours for audio, and 7 hours for video, which is admirable for a PVP but not awe-inspiring. The Cowon A3's total charge time is estimated at 5.5 hours. We'll update our review soon with the battery results from our CNET labs.

Final thoughts
In light of gadgets such as the iPod Touch that offer very limited format support, or a high-capacity PVP like the Archos 605 WiFi that offer only video recording and extended file support as expensive upgrades, it's refreshing to see a portable video player such as the Cowon A3 that simply tries to offer its customers the most features with the best quality at a good price. You can almost feel Cowon tripping over themselves to try and give you everything you could want in a PVP, which is why it stings to think that something so seemingly insignificant as clumsy joystick control or ID3 tag sorting could make us look elsewhere. When it comes to using a product every day, however, you might not notice the A3's unique support for WavPack audio or OGM video files, but you'll certainly notice that the joystick occasionally misfires, and that the only way to unearth your favorite song is to dig through countless folders.

Despite its drawbacks, the Cowon A3's prowess as a portable video player is not to be understated. If you're looking for a PVP that can handle a wide array of formats with impressive audio and video quality, the Cowon A3 is a solid choice.

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