Corsair releases 1TB Voyager Air 2 wireless drive with more features and cloud integration

Corsair announces the Voyager Air 2 Wi-Fi-enabled, battery-operated USB 3.0 portable drive that comes with 1TB of storage space, upgraded software to support multiple platforms, and cloud integration for $179.99.

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The new Voyager Air 2 from Corsair Corsair

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Corsair announced today the Voyager Air 2 wireless drive that comes with more features and cloud integration. This is a mobile Wi-Fi-enabled battery operated portable drive designed to work with mobile devices such as smartphone, tablets or laptop computer when you're on the go.

Upgraded software with cloud integration

The Voyager Air 2's biggest difference from the first model is the fact that it runs Voyager Air 2.0 software. Corsair says the software "adds new features to the Voyager Air product family, including simplified media browsing, cloud synchronization with Dropbox and Google Drive, and AirPlay streaming to Apple TV."

The new device is about the same size as its predecessor, which is slightly larger than a typical portable hard drive. It comes with 1TB of internal storage space (the Voyager Air has two capacities of 500GB and 1TB) and has a mobile app for Android, iOS, and Amazon Kindle Fire devices, or through a Web browser. It also support network file sharing for Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

Corsair says the Voyager Air 2 now automatically organizes media files, making it easy to browse your whole media library. This is a big improvement from the previous model. You now can browse TV shows by name, season, and episode; as well as music by song title, artist, album, and genre. When connected to a home network, a DLNA-compatible network player can also play back content stored on the drive.

Measuring 3.2 inch wide and 5.4 inches long, the new Voyager Air 2 is just slightly larger than a typical USB 3.0 portable drive. Corsair

Network port removed, no new features

The second biggest change compared with the original Voyager Air is the removal of the network port. The Voyager Air 2 is now a Wi-Fi-only device and can't connect to an existing network using a network cable.

Other than working as a mobile media streaming server, it can also work as a USB 3.0 bus-powered portable drive. It can also connect to an existing Wi-Fi network and relay that network's Internet to devices connected to a Wi-Fi network of its own. The drive also supports the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard. Currently it's unclear how many Wi-Fi clients it can support simultaneously or how long its battery life is.

Overall, the Voyager Air 2 seems to be an improvement over the Voyager Air but it doesn't have any new features that others, such as the Seagate Wireless Plus , or the LaCie Fuel , don't already have.

The Corsair Voyager Air 2 is available this month at the estimated cost of $179.99 in the US (pricing for Europe and Australia is not available at this time.)

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