Corsair Vengeance C70 review: Corsair Vengeance C70

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The Good Plenty of room for water cooling. Great theming. Carry handles. A panic-button styled reset button.

The Bad Bottom filters tend to fall out if it's lifted. Water cooling holes need to be drilled through yourself. No rubber mounting for PSU.

The Bottom Line We're quite sure the Vengeance C70 will be home to some great mods — considering the price though, we'd have hoped for some more fit and finish.

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7.5 Overall

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The Vengeance C70 is a mid-tower case that comes in "Arctic White", "Gunmetal Black" or Military Green". It's more on the budget end of Corsair's range and heavily resembles an ammo box from World War II, a look that's enhanced if you get the Military Green version. Our advice? If you're going to buy this case, get the Military Green version.

Continuing the theme, the sides are held on by clasps and the top has two carry handles — making this a decent LAN case.

This case is much easier than most to haul about, thanks to the handles at the top.
(Credit: Craig Simms)

Flip it around to the front and you'll find a stylised red power button, two USB 3.0 ports (Corsair includes a USB 2.0 converter), headphone and microphone jacks, and something that will no doubt set any geek's heart aflutter — a reset button with a military-style safety cover.

The safety switch is rather cool.
(Credit: Craig Simms)

The Vengeance C70 definitely feels cheaper than Corsair's Obsidian line, punctuated by the fact that every time we picked it up, the two dust filters at the bottom of the case slid out and fell onto the floor, with nothing restraining their movement.

They rarely stay in place when moving the case.
(Credit: Craig Simms)

This feeling of cheapness was reinforced by the two water cooling holes on the back — or rather, lack thereof. While Corsair has provided a template, you'll have to drill out the steel yourself and provide your own rubber grommets.

You'll have to drill out the water cooling holes yourself if you want to mount a radiator externally.
(Credit: Craig Simms)

The business side of the case has a window, on which either two 120mm or 140mm fans can be mounted.
(Credit: Craig Simms)

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