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Corsair Flash Voyager (64GB) review: Corsair Flash Voyager 64GB

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The Good Well protected. A huge amount of space means you could run an operating system happily from the drive. Extremely generous 10-year warranty.

The Bad A huge amount of space means you'll be begging for extra speed.

The Bottom Line With more than enough space, some will be using Corsair's 64GB as a replacement for an external hard drive. Transferring this much data though will leave you wishing for more speed.

8.0 Overall

Design and Features
Just shy of 10cm, the latest iteration of the Corsair Voyager is physically longer than its smaller capacity cousins, while keeping the rubberised "bouncy" exterior to protect the device. While the long size means you definitely wouldn't want to dangle it from a keychain, it still feels fine hanging from a lanyard or shoved in your pocket by itself. It comes preformatted in FAT32, which while portable between operating systems, can be limiting depending on your file sizes and structures.

At 64GB, thumb sticks are starting to encroach a little bit into the external hard disk market — yet while the non-mechanical nature means they may live a longer life, they don't need as much power and are easier to carry, they are unlikely to reach the same read/write speeds and capacities as their magnetic cousins just yet.

The blister pack also includes a lanyard, a black pouch for storing the drive, and a USB extension cord.

As to be expected, read speeds were faster than write, at 27MBps maximum compared to 9.3MBps maximum respectively when transferring a 1GB file. While this is more than acceptable for small files and occasional transfers, those making 64GB transfers from the stick to another location will be wishing they had considerably more speed to play with. We can only hope a "GT" edition, Corsair's performance version of its flash drives, will appear soon.

A generous 10-year warranty shows Corsair's faith in the product — and with this much storage, this could be the last USB stick you buy for a very, very long time.

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