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The Good Easy to start recording. Rugged and waterproof design.

The Bad All settings have to be tweaked via computer, no on-board switches. Laser is rather weak and hard to see in bright situations.

The Bottom Line The Contour Roam will suit action adventurers who just want to point and shoot. Adjusting settings on the fly is next to impossible, so if tweaking's your deal, look elsewhere.

7.5 Overall

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Contour is a relatively new player in the Australian market, emerging with the Editors' Choice-winning Contour+ earlier this year. That portable sports camera packed every feature you could imagine into a small unit, apart from waterproof capabilities.

Design and features

The Roam sits alongside the Contour+ at the top end of the scale and the Contour GPS, adding waterproofing to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes. An optional waterproof case increases this depth to 60 metres. It's shaped like a little pistol, with the connection options hiding behind a sliding panel at the back. Featuring a metal construction, the Roam feels well made, and like it could withstand some harsh treatment.

Recording with the Roam is very easy, with the switch at the top of the camera that automatically starts taking video. The Roam's lens can be rotated 270 degrees, which is ideal for anyone who wants to mount it in a peculiar position. On the topic of mounts, out of the box you are provided with a rotating flat surface mount with adhesive backing and a flat surface mount with backing.

There is a single physical button on the back panel, which turns the laser guide on or off. This is used to work out the orientation of the lens when it's turned, although the pointer is not very strong at all, and is hard to see against a surface in bright outdoor situations.

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