Contour+2 review: Contour+2

Video capture modes
Like the Contour+ that came before it, the Contour+2 features a number of video-recording modes, including Full HD (1080p at 30 frames per second), Tall HD (960p at 30fps), and Action HD (720p at 30fps or 60fps). There's also a new slow-motion/SD mode that captures 480p video at up to 120fps.

Additionally, the Contour+2's 5MP sensor can also capture still photos at 1- to 60-second intervals.

Multiple resolutions and frame rates are supported by the Contour+2. Antuan Goodwin/CNET

With the Contour+2, Contour has moved from the MOV to the MP4 format, but captured video is still encoded with the H.264 codec with AAC audio compression.

Video sample

Apps and software
The Contour+2 retains compatibility with Contour's ContourConnect app for iOS and Android devices. The camera links with the phone via a Bluetooth connection activated by tapping the Bluetooth button on the top edge and initiating pairing in the phone's menu. Once the devices are paired, you can access and adjust the settings for the Contour+2's two positions on the physical mode-selection switch behind the rear door. The phone's display can also be used as a live viewfinder for framing shots, showing what the camera sees. Those familiar with the ContourGPS' and Contour+'s live viewfinder feature will be happy to know that the preview frame rate has been dramatically improved. Battery level, card capacity, and GPS status are also mirrored in the app.

I was also able to try out an update to the iOS version of the ContourConnect app that will launch with the Contour+2. This update includes the ability to start and stop a remote recording by tapping a virtual record button and the ability to browse and preview video stored on the Contour+2's microSD card from within the app.

On the desktop side, Contour's Storyteller application for PC and Mac computers has also been updated. The app retains the ability to import video captured from the Contour+2 with GPS data for speed, elevation, and path, and can be used to trim those videos to highlight only the best bits. From Contour Storyteller, users can also upload and sharing their videos to Contour's video site at, and to YouTube and Vimeo. New to this version is the option to share videos to Facebook and the ability to encode a GPS data overlay into the video when sharing on Facebook, Vimeo, or YouTube -- the previous version only supported GPS data for Contour's own site and video player.

Like previous Contour cameras, the Contour+2 features a red laser sight for leveling the lens. Antuan Goodwin/CNET

In sum
The Contour+2 hits shelves with the new iOS app, the new Storyteller application, better ergonomics thanks to the Instant On-Record slider, and better survivability thanks to the included waterproof case in late September. It will also come at a lower MSRP of $399.99 -- down $100 from the previous generation.

This drop in price not only makes the Contour+2 more appealing to would-be GoPro buyers and those on the fence about the Contour+, but it also prices the midtier ContourGPS camera right out of the 2012 lineup. So, technically, the Contour+2 replaces both the Contour+ and the ContourGPS, combining the best features of the former and the price level of the latter with a dash of the easy usability that made the ContourRoam the unlikely favorite in the 2011 Contour camera line.

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