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Contour Design iSee Ultra-Clear Hard Case

Although the Contour Design iSee Ultra-Clear Hard Case might not look flashy or have all the bells and whistles of other hard cases, it will still be a very useful tool for those who are looking for effective simplicity in an iPod case.

Contour Design iSee Ultra-Clear Hard Case

If you want to protect your iPod from long falls but prefer unencumbered access to the Click Wheel, Contour Design's iSee Ultra-Clear Hard Case is worth a look. This durable plastic shell easily snaps onto your fourth-generation iPod or your iPod Mini and features a round cutout on the front for easy control use. Open segments on the top and bottom keep a clear route to all of the iPod's ports. Plus, the case's clear design lets you enjoy your iPod's original coloring while adding a bit of a glossy shine. The iSee includes a snap-on belt clip for attaching your favorite player to your person.

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