Hide Siri in your wall with this ConnectSense Outlet

The ConnectSense Smart In-Wall Outlet can blend into your smart home.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer

A smart outlet is a great way to get started in the smart home  revolution. Plug in an ordinary lamp or fan for instant app-enabled smarts. The latest offering from ConnectSense will hide those smarts in your wall.

Like the company's previous offering, you'll be able to control the In-Wall Outlet with an app, and the Outlet will work with Apple's smart home platform called HomeKit. Speak a command to Siri on your iPhone , and you can toggle any light you have plugged in to either outlet. Better yet, by the time it ships this fall, the In-Wall Outlet will also work with Amazon's digital assistant Alexa, so you can control it with your Amazon Echo smart speaker.

ConnectSense hasn't announced pricing for the In-Wall Outlet yet, but it'll be available internationally. The similar in-wall outlet from iDevices costs $100, but that price was part of why we were reluctant to recommend it in our review. Ordinary switches that you don't need to install can cost as little as $30.

It makes sense to pay a little more for seamless smarts integrated into your home without the extra bulk of a switch, but hopefully ConnectSense can bring the price down somewhat. A low price would help the ConnectSense In-Wall Outlet stand out, as you currently have lots of options for smart switches.