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Conceptronic Wireless 300Mbps Broadband starter pack review: Conceptronic Wireless 300Mbps Broadband starter pack

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Distance from Router

Conceptronic 300Mbps Signal Linksys WRT160N Signal 5m
92% 80% 15m (minor walls)
62% 62% 15m (multiple walls)
60% 53%

When it came to testing bandwidth, however, the battle wasn't quite so easily won.

Distance between PCs

Conceptronic 300Mbps Throughput Linksys WRT160N Throughput 2m, no barriers
15Mbps 4.88Mbps 20m, multiple walls
7.7Mbps 10.12Mbps

While the Linksys performed woefully at close distances compared to the Conceptronic, it reversed that position once there were solid sources of interference in the way. It's also worth noting that we were using the bundled Conceptronic adapter for all the tests, and it's possible that the router works best with its own brand equipment; we've certainly seen that scenario play out before.

Speaking of things we've seen all too frequently before, despite the 300Mbps branding that's so very prominent on the Conceptronic's packaging, it came nowhere near that in a real world testing environment — so pretty much like every other 802.11n device we've tested, although at least most other vendors are polite enough to place conditional terms like "up to" just before the 300Mbps claim.

As a basic wireless N kit, the Conceptronic Wireless 300Mbps Broadband Starter pack offers reasonable value, but like so many of its wireless N peers, it still fails to live up to the hype.

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