Conceptronic Grab 'n' Go Multimedia Player review: Conceptronic Grab 'n' Go Multimedia Player

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The Good Low asking price. Card and USB slots.

The Bad No Ethernet. No HDMI. No TV tuner. Slow file copying. Intermittent audio feedback.

The Bottom Line The Grab 'n' Go Multimedia Player makes a decent play at the budget-end of the playback market — but its limitations are obvious.

6.9 Overall

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Conceptronic's Grab 'n' Go CSM3PL 3,5" Multimedia Player — which, if you're interested, uses the European notation for decimal places (namely, a comma), because the company behind it is Dutch — isn't the most attractive of TV playback devices out there. It's a small (177x163x44mm) SATA enclosure with front facing card and USB reader ports, and rear ports for S-Video, VGA, composite, component and optical audio out.

One slight design oddity that took us a little by surprise when first setting up the Grab 'n' Go is that although the default on-screen language is English, Dutch takes priority placement in the product manual. For all that it is a multilingual affair, however, it at least avoids the trap of many other similar manuals, in that it's fairly well translated.

The Grab 'n' Go CSM3PL is primarily a multimedia playback device, with no particular aspirations towards PVR style performance. It's arguably a drawback for the device; while at $199 it's by no means expensive, it's not that much more to get a PVR device with many (if not all) of the Grab 'n' Go CSM3PL's features, especially with consumers only likely to want to have one device sitting underneath their TVs.

In any case, the review sample submitted to featured a 320GB Western Digital SATA hard drive — it's up to you to populate it with music, pictures and video.

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